The first time you see Dirk Nannes bowl is the first day of the rest of your life. Write down all the details so you don’t mess any of it up when you retell it to your grandkids. Dirk Nannes is fast bowling. He’s the monster in the closet of T20 batsmen, only coming out to scare and scar them. It isn’t a fair fight, and when it ends in blood and tears, the batsmen is taken away for a quick and anonymous burial. Dirk’s bowling action is far more masculine than any 80s action film. He plays for who he wants, when he wants, and when he isn’t doing that he’s saxaphoning on a ski slope, because he can. If he wasn’t a cricketer he’d still be cooler than you.


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  1. Hi Dirk,

    Congrats on a great blog with some really interesting content from the inside of the inner sanctum. Would love to get in touch with you regarding an opportunity that might be of interest. My email is in this comment – thanks mate!


  2. Hi Dirk,

    Great fan of yours. Am from Delhi and watched you play for DD.
    Congratulations on a great blog. Would like to get in touch with you regarding a request that might interest you.
    My email is mentioned in the comment

    DieHard Cricket Fan

  3. I’m a BIG fan, Sir. if I could accomplish 1% of what you’ve done- I’ll consider myself lucky. Thanks for bowling fast, and thanks for inspiring us!

  4. Dirk, this introduction of yours should be replaced by the following.


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  6. I heard that gray nicholls had to install steel in their bats cause he was breaking to many with his outrageous speed

  7. Dear Dirk

    It was by chance that I came across your blog and it brought an immediate smile on my face. You seem to be an exquisite person, and its great to know more about you than what I see on the television and on the stadium during matches. I am an Indian, a Delhiite originally from Bangalore and I find myself wavering preferences according to the team you are a part of! Wishing you an exceptional career ahead!

    P.S- Yes, even I believe if you weren’t a cricketer, you’d still be cooler than me! 😀

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