What’s your opinion?

3 responses to “What’s your opinion?

  1. definitely yes! 50/50 will be gawn within 5 years. Then there will just be T20 and tests, everyones a winner! (apart from teh Aussies when playing the Poms)

  2. I think there is a place for all three formats.
    Test cricket is still the most fascinating though.

  3. “Powerplays” haven’t managed to liven up the 50 over format (overs 15-35 are still a dead-loss from the spectator’s point-of-view) and the Ryobi Cup is an abomination.

    I think we’ll see a definite decline in the number of ODIs being played in the next couple of years and correlated rise in the number of T20Is that are played.

    In the end the money has to follow the crowds, and the crowds seem to be yearning for Tests and T20s.

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