T20 Vs Queensland

Another great win from the guys last night. With Hodge and Finch at the top of the order whacking them around the park, it was always going to be an easy game for the bowlers. For anyone watching the game, the slog by Finch on the last ball of the first over was a huge shot in the context of the game, and contrary to his recent warm-up game form, it came out of the middle.  Good hitting Grinch! He was 3 for 5 in the 2 T20 warm up games, including a first baller to me which gave me much pleasure.

Once you are 100 after 11 overs with 9 wickets in the shed, it’s always going to result in fireworks, and Huss and White put on a good show. The bowlers were consistent as always. In all a good win, and a great percentage booster.

Next step is training today – why train after a game I ask? I guess thats just the lot of the modern cricketer. If it keeps us on the park and winning, then I am happy to be involved!



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